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Private field operated by OLBH Olomouc Airsoft Klub team. This field provides great elevation differences and an variose dynamic environment on a quite small field.

Field limits are specified are standard to OLBH rules. 

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RunCam is established in 2013. Committed to the research and development of FPV cameras and camcorders, we launched multiple products that have gained popularity among FPV pilots.
To us, quality is a habit, not an act.

Upcoming winter winds are calling for a warm fleece, so the time has come for the womens version of the Cumulus heavy fleece jacket, which is already beloved by men. As fleece jackets might be my favorite piece of clothing made by Helikon-Tex, the Cumulus became the first one which lived to see its women equivalent. And it’s great, because it seems like that model characterizes the most universality, practicality and cosiness among other models.


- Redneck
- Mr. Overkill
- Mella
- Billen
- Grote Flikker
- Santa's Gay Elfbr />
- Animal
- Melvin

The devil's cartel was born on August 2020. We are a brand new team.
Fair play, respect and laughter are our biggest goals.
Are you looking for a team? Do we sound fun and all?
Send us a message for more information, you will find us on facebook.

Just a small teaser for 2021 Master Mod Parts

Master Mods • A Brand from the Masters

TactiPatch is a Belgian one-man company that focuses on designing tactical logos & morale patches.

We also provide a service in giving tactical advice to sports teams participating in airsoft competitions.