GoPro7 - USB C Connection fix,

I'm switching my GoPro3 for a GoPro7 but when I was getting it ready for my next game I noticed that the connection for my external battery is just not good. I was afraid that I would break my connection while using it.

This article is an opinion piece on repro airsoft accessories; what they are, how they fit into airsoft, and if/when it is/is not acceptable to have them.

Ares Alpha 101 - Advanced games / actions on the battlefield

Ares Alpha 101 - Game Master

MA-239 ICS Electric Drum Magazine
-BK MC-241 ICS Electric Drum Magazine-TAN

※The ICS Electric Drum Magazine includes an M4 magazine adapter: It's compatible with aftermarket M4 products, and ICS CXP/CS4 Series.
MC-250 PDW PDW Magazine Adaptor-BK