Upcoming winter winds are calling for a warm fleece, so the time has come for the womens version of the Cumulus heavy fleece jacket, which is already beloved by men. As fleece jackets might be my favorite piece of clothing made by Helikon-Tex, the Cumulus became the first one which lived to see its women equivalent. And it’s great, because it seems like that model characterizes the most universality, practicality and cosiness among other models.

Helikon-tex RATEL Backpack,
It's not easy to find the right backpack.

In this video I'll take you over the features of this pack and why I choose this pack for airsoft games from 12h up to 24h. It's versatile backpack that can be used in different situations. I have been using this backpack for over 5 years now.

The Helikon-tex Ratel is my favorite pack and I recommend it to anyone who's looking for a bigger backpack.

Enjoy the video.

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Review of the London Bridge Trading 6094B plate carrier in Multicam.

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