This is a review of VFC Sig Air MCX Virtus airsoft electric gun. Inside you will fins the avalon V2 gearbox. The airsoft is licensed by sig sauer. How is the external, internal, chrono test (fps and rps) of this airsoftgun? Is it worth it?

In September 2021 the latest Krytac model will be launched, meet the new FN P90. A collaboration between Krytac, FN Herstel, Cybergun and Evike. Already early 2019 we were involved in this project to ensure proper battery space and performance for this unique AEG.

ICS AK74U - One Year Later,

This ICS little beast has been my main rifle for a year. It has been on small day events but it also went with me to big games like Berget and Bellum. And boy o boy, this little rifle did a perfect job.

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Lightway ●A much lighter package with advancing performance●