Back on the fields! - Fort Barchon


Back on the fields!

Finally we were able to play again. After months of sitting at home and missing this beautiful game it was finaly time. Together with the team and friends of RAS we had an amazing time. We went to Fort Barchon, organized by

The game was simple, but that's good, Airsofters need simple games, but good. We didn't really cared what games we were playing, we were happy that we were able to get back out there.

In this video I'm testing some new things on the field. I played with my new ICS CXP ARK and ICS BLE XMK. Both did an amazing job and I look forward to do some more testing soon. I also tried my Scopecam for the first time. That one will need some more testing too.

I also did some testing in the video edit. I had a hard time to make the video interesting for people that weren't there. I tried to mix some of my milsim style editing with funny stuff. Let me know in the comments if you liked it (or not).

No more to say about this video, we had fun and that shows.

Enjoy the video!

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Beta testing!