Missions with a small Squad - Swedish Milsim - Airsoft - Bellum C19 P04


Bellum C19 (2020) Part 04, TEASER!
25th Mountaineers

This is a teaser video for Bellum C19 - Part 04. You can find the full video here: https://youtu.be/ZxlyRiHmK9c

After a rainy night, we head out again to do some missions. We started the day with only 6 people of our team while the rest was still getting ready or waking up.

With our small team we had the chance to do a lot of missions. We tried to avoid contact as much as possible but Legion knew where we had to go so there were suprises everywhere.

Playing in AO3 was a lot of fun, a bit smelly, but a fun.

You can also find GoPro stills from this mission on my Facebook page.

I want to thank Henric and The Press guys for the use of their footage.

Enjoy the video!

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Beta testing!