Fort knox

Donderheide 3
2500 Koningshooikt


Built in 1908, the fort was part of the second defense line around Antwerp. In contrast to the small defense line, there has been a heavy fight here. The buildings have taken heavy fire during both world wars. The property formerly was responsible for the defense of a big city now has a very different purpose.
Since the conversion to a recreational area, there now is the possibility to fish in the moat of this impressive old building.

Besides fishing, a number of sports and other events take place on this location. In the early eighties a technical motocross circuit was constructed on the within the walls of the fort. Motocross competitions are held twice a year. 4×4 and cyclocross events have also found their home at this location.
Since the year 2009 the area is known by the nickname “Fort Knox” in the world of airsoft. Skirms are held on a regular base.

With the necessary hills and imposing corridors is one of the most beloved airsoftterrains of Flanders.
Equipped with a cafeteria, toilets and a changing room in the bunkers.
The site is about 3.5ha and has an underground maze of rooms and alcoves. On the surface there are two bunkers which are connected by underground passageways. There are also separate rooms specially equipped for IPSC, target shooting and there is a special corridor for SWAT training.


  • Cafeteria
  • Changing room
  • Toilets