BERGET 17 - Part 10 - The last push! - Swedish 66h MILSIM


BERGET 17 - Part 10
Milsim Airsoft in Sweden (25th Mountaineers)

Before I give some more info about this video, I need to warn you that his one is a long one, it's 40 minutes long. So make yourself comfortable, take some snacks and be ready to enjoy this trip back to memory lane. The videos that I post about Berget are the complete story of what happend, not a compilation of kills.

It's still Friday and 500+ red players and vehicles are still pushing the convoy trough blue lines. We get hammered with Airstrikes, drone strikes ambushes and we suffer a lot of friendly fire because of the chaos. It's getting darker what doesn't help our situation. Cars are getting destroyed but brought back by engineers, people get killed but are brought back into the fight because of our medics, field hospital and the ambulance.

It's crazy how such big group of chaos is able to keep pushing to get those stinking barrels out of the zone.

Blue forces did an amazing job on slowing the convoy down, bravo on that one!

Now, sit back and enjoy the video!

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